PAI Supervision Group (via Zoom)

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Group Supervision x 2.5 hours

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This group is designed for Provisional Psychologists or early career psychologists wishing to gain competency in the administration, scoring and interpretation of the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI).

This group will cover:
• Completion of pen and paper version of the test (prior to the group – materials will be posted to you)
• Scoring guidelines provided so you can score prior to the group
• Overview of the test
• Guidelines for report-writing (including a report template and detailed notes regarding interpretation so you can write a report from scratch)
• Each participant will be provided with 2 profiles so you can write 2 reports for your supervisor to review and assess competency. We can also provide this service (by arrangement) through secondary supervision.

Additional information

Additional Information

This group has been designed for provisional psychologists completing the 4+2 pathway to registration and will provide the information and materials to begin working on the tasks required to fulfil competency for a personality assessment. Please note that attendance at the group will not in itself meet the 4+2 competency requirements, which need to be assessed and signed off by the principal supervisor.

This group is specifically aimed at provisional psychologists who do not have access to personality assessments through their workplace or supervisors. The group provides guidelines and practice in completing an assessment with real or simulated clients.

As per APHPA guidelines: Each test must be administered, scored and interpreted as many times as necessary to achieve competence. Each test must then be competently demonstrated at least twice to a supervisor during direct observation of practice with real clients, or (where appropriate) in realistic simulated learning environments.

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