Relaxation and Mindfulness in Clinical Practice (Supervision Group via Zoom)

October 25, 2022 - by admin

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Group Supervision x 2 hours

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Small group supervision (max 4 participants) for provisional psychologists looking to integrate relaxation and mindfulness exercises in clinical practice.  This is a practical and experiential group that will provide opportunities to role-play different exercises and give you the confidence to immediately start using these in sessions with clients.

This group will cover the following:

  • An overview of the uses and benefits of relaxation and mindfulness in clinical practice
  • The difference between relaxation and mindfulness
  • Role-play of three different exercises (scripts provided) where each participant has the opportunity to play both therapist and client
  • Small group discussion covering questions and ideas for creating more individualised exercises for different presentations
  • Recordings of progressive muscle relaxation and body scan for self-practice

Additional information

Technical Requirements:

This group is conducted online using Zoom, which will need to be downloaded onto your device prior to the group. There is no cost to download this software.

You will receive a link to enter the session a few days before the group is scheduled.

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