Group Supervision:

Group supervision can be an incredibly supportive learning experience where participants gain exposure to different client populations, placement experiences and a wealth of knowledge from their peers as well as the supervisor. 

Group supervision generally requires a minimum of three and a maximum of five participants.   Participants can choose to present cases or ask questions regarding particular topics of interest.   All group members are encouraged to actively participate.

With an emphasis on reflective practice, problem solving and skill development, participants are encouraged to present their most challenging cases and/or questions to the group, to maximise the learning experience.

Group supervision is delivered online, via Zoom, so participants can attend Australia-wide.  Groups are generally held on a Monday and Tuesday evening to fit around work commitments. 

 Please click here to see our current group timetable.  All groups can be booked and paid for online.  You will receive a link to the session, with any relevant instructions, prior to the group.

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