Psychological Assessment

Our team holds a wealth of experience in the area of psychological assessment, with expertise across a wide range of different areas. Assessment generally include the use of psychometric test tools, which can only be administered by a trained psychologist, in order to provide a reliable, valid and standardised measurement.  We specialise in cognitive (IQ testing), academic and behavioural assessment of children and adolescents.The aim of a psychological assessment is to identify a child’s current level of functioning and indicate what actions will build on their strengths and address any areas of concern. Both parents and teachers will benefit from the comprehensive and individualised report that accompanies each assessment. Included are straightforward and practical strategies that are designed to increase a child’s confidence and skills. Assessments can take place at your child’s school or privately at our clinic. The assessments used will depend on the reason for the referral and may include behavioural assessments.   A typical assessment might include one or more the following tests:
Group Supervision Psychometric Testing

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