Professional Development:

Provisional Psychologists are required to complete either 120 hours (4+2) or 60 hours (5+1) of professional development (PD) per year throughout their internship.  PD activities help to broaden and consolidate knowledge, develop and increase skills, gain competence and increase confidence in psychological practice.  PD activities can include attendance at workshops, presentations, short courses, webinars, reading materials and other self-directed learning.   PD is also an ongoing requirement for registered psychologists.

A Professional Development Plan needs to be completed for each six-month period, in consultation with your principal supervisor, focussing on personal learning and development goals that will assist you to meet your practice and competency requirements.  Given the broad range of placements and different areas of practice, each plan will be individualised to focus on specific learning needs as well as particular topics of interest.

We will work with you to ensure that you complete a broad range of professional development actitvities throughout your internship

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