Group Supervision:

We are offering group supervision for psychologists, social workers and doctors wishing support, advice and professional development on case management, mental health issues with clients, diagnostic and assessment frameworks and treatment and counselling and therapeutic considerations.

We are offering group training and workshops on diagnosis and assessment for provisional psychologists for full registration.

  1. Group supervision includes a supervisor and all Interns (post-doctoral students and interns.)
  2. Group supervisors must be licensed in the state of CA and meet the Board of Psychology’s requirements for providing supervision.
  3. Group supervisor’s responsibilities:
  • Meet weekly with all interns for at least 1 hour/week.
  • Facilitate discussion. Provide safe environment for interns to discuss clinical work and programmatic issues and concerns; encourage collegial/consultative relationships between interns.
  • Provide verbal and/or written requested feedback to the interns’ individual supervisors for inclusion in formal evaluations
  • Schedule and evaluate case presentations. Schedule case presentation time for each intern, and facilitate discussion and provision of feedback from group members about presentation style, organization and content. Provide feedback about presentation to primary individual supervisor.
  • Inform individual supervisors of any clinical, supervision, and programmatic concerns.



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