Group Supervision – Bring a case or question (via Zoom)

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Group Supervision x 2 hours

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Group supervision can be an incredibly supportive learning experience where participants gain exposure to different client populations, placement experiences and a wealth of knowledge from their peers as well as the supervisor.

This group will follow a flexible format where participants can choose what they would like to present. During the session each participant will be allocated a period of time where they are encouraged to share examples of their own work and present questions for discussion within the group. All group members are encouraged to actively participate.

With an emphasis on reflective practice, problem solving and skill development, participants are encouraged to present their most challenging cases and/or questions to the group, to maximise the learning experience.

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Technical Requirements:

This group is conducted online using Zoom, which will need to be downloaded onto your device prior to the group. There is no cost to download this software.

You will receive a link to enter the session a few days before the group is scheduled.

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