Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition (WISC-V)

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition (WISC-V) is used to test the general thinking and reasoning skills of children aged 6 to 16 years.  The primary indexes represent intellectual functioning in five cognitive areas:

  • Verbal Comprehension
    This index measures a child’s ability to access and apply acquired word knowledge, verbalise meaningful concepts, think about verbal information and express themselves using words.
  • Visual Spatial Index
    This index measures visual spatial reasoning, integration and synthesis of part-whole relationships, attentiveness to visual detail, and visual-motor integration.
  • Fluid Reasoning Index
    This index measures inductive and quantitative reasoning, broad visual intelligence, simultaneous processing, and abstract thinking.
  • Working Memory Index
    This index measures the ability to register, maintain, and manipulate visual and auditory information in conscious awareness, which requires attention and concentration, as well as visual and auditory discrimination.
  • Processing Speed Index
    This index measures speed and accuracy of visual identification, decision making, and decision implementation. Performance on this index is related to visual scanning, visual discrimination, short-term visual memory, visuomotor coordination, and concentration.

The above scores are combined to calculate the Full Scale IQ, which summarises a child’s ability across a diverse set of cognitive functions.  By evaluating a child’s score on each of these measures we are able to ascertain where his/her individual strengths lie and identify specific support needs. Using the results from the WISC-V, it is possible to predict the level at which a child should be performing according to his/her ability. 

The WISC-IV takes approximately 1.5 hours to administer.

All assessments include a parent interview and feedback prior to receiving a personalised report.


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